Competing in an Overcrowded, Noisy Environment

The first thing to mention regarding digital marketing strategy in 2019 is that you will be competing in an overcrowded, noisy environment.

As of 2017, 1.3 billion websites are competing for visitors. The number of indexed pages on Google exceeded 130 trillion.

Users Are Overwhelmed by 10,000 Marketing Messages Per Day

Users are overwhelmed by high number of messages they receive.

According to a report published on the American Marketing Association (AMA) website, an average consumer sees 10,000 marketing messages (including product labels) per day.

A study conducted by Microsoft stated that consumers are exposed to 600 messages per day.

Attention Span Declined to Only 8 Seconds

In another study conducted by Microsoft with 2,000 participants, it is determined that the attention span of the users declined to only 8 seconds.

You Need to Gain Their Attention

The number of marketing messages people receive has increased so much that people are not reading anymore. They are glancing over until they see something that they are really interested in.

For this reason, the marketing message you give must exactly match the perspective of the recipient to gain his/her attention.

In a standard digital marketing campaign, this overlap remains at a very low level.

Approaches such as addressing all the target audiences with the same page on your website, giving the same marketing message to a large group of people with digital ads, sending the same email newsletter to all of your subscribers reduce the success rate.

Divide Your Audience and Bring Tailored Suggestions to Each Segment in 2019

You cannot motivate all of the people in your target audience with a single marketing message in 2019.

You need to group similar people into segments and bring tailored suggestions to each segment. This will enable you to gain their attention and increase your conversion significantly.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Regarding fitness training program, you can gain the attention of older men with a tailored message like “Fitness Program for Men Over 40”. It will be much harder to win them with a standard marketing message designed for young people in their 20s. The same applies to women audience.

If you are managing a digital marketing campaign for the diet & nutrition department in a hospital, you need to divide the audience into specific segments like the women who want to lose weight, the people over 40 who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and anti-aging, and the young men who focus on sports nutrition. The perspective of each group is significantly different from one another and you cannot gain their attention with a single marketing message presented to everyone.

If you are managing a digital marketing campaign for a home textile brand, you have to differentiate your marketing message for different segments like women having large families and traditional values, single women living in big cities preferring a modern lifestyle, young men, etc. The message you give to one segment will not motivate the people in other segments.

When marketing a property, you can address the different expectations of those who are buying to make an investment and those who are buying to live in.

For a hotel, you can focus on different topics such as natural beauties, historical places, shopping or entertainment.

You will achieve the maximum conversion with tailored messages presented to different segments.

Increase Conversion with No Additional Budget

I have mentioned that competing in an overcrowded, noisy environment will be hard in 2019.

An average consumer sees 600 to 10,000 marketing messages per day and you need to gain their attention to be successful in your digital marketing projects.

You can only achieve this by segmenting your target audience and presenting most relevant, tailored messages to each segment.

You do not need an additional budget for this. You just need to adjust the mindset and organize your campaigns accordingly.

You will enjoy high conversion while your competitors will be complaining about low ROI.

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