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What will be the most effective digital marketing strategies in 2019?

You will be competing in an overcrowded environment in 2019.

The first thing to mention regarding digital marketing strategy in 2019 is that you will be competing in an overcrowded, noisy environment.

1.3 billion websites are competing for visitors and the number of indexed pages on Google exceeded 130 trillion.

You have to gain attention of the users who see hundreds of marketing messages per day.

Users are overwhelmed by high number of messages they see every day.

According to a report published on the American Marketing Association (AMA) website, an average consumer sees 10,000 marketing messages (including product labels) per day.

A study conducted by Microsoft stated that consumers are exposed to 600 messages per day.

An article on New York Times states that a person living in a city sees up to 2,000 ad messages a day, based on a research. About half the 4,110 people surveyed said they thought marketing and advertising today was out of control.

An article on The Guardian states that in an entire day, we are likely to see 3,500 marketing messages.

The human brain is loaded with 34 gb. of information per day.

Attention span declined to only a few seconds.

In another study conducted by Microsoft with 2,000 participants, it is determined that the attention span of the users declined to only 8 seconds.

Facebook says they have seen that people spend on average 1.7 seconds with any given piece of content on mobile.

You need to use tailored messages in order to get their attention and to be successful in your digital marketing campaigns.

The number of marketing messages people receive has increased so much that people are not reading anymore. They are glancing over until they see something that they are really interested in.

For this reason, the marketing message you give must exactly match the perspective of the recipient to gain his/her attention.

You cannot achieve this by giving a single marketing message to different audiences. You need to group similar people into segments and bring tailored suggestions to each segment. This approach will significantly increase your conversion in 2019.

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How can you achieve SEO success in 2019?

To be successful in your SEO project in 2019, you need to focus on a variety of topics such as “Research, Strategy & Keyword Selection, On-Site SEO, Infrastructure & Usability, Link Development & Increasing the Popularity on the Web”.

These factors will be effective in bringing your site on the first page of search results, but the preference of the searchers will make your success permanent. If your site has high click through rate on search results page and if the people coming to your website do not bounce back to search results, this will affect your site very positively. Therefore, “Performance on Search Engine Results Page” is very important.

Google is increasingly using featured snippets as well as ads, visuals and videos on the search results page. You need to broaden the scope of your SEO project to cover these topics.

How can you achieve maximum conversion with digital ads in 2019?

In 2019, using the digital advertising budget wisely will be the priority.

The number of ad blocker software users exceeded 600 million, many mobile clicks happen accidentally and the rate of the people who often click on a mobile ad intentionally remains only at 4% to 10%.

As you will try to influence impatient people who are seeing hundreds of marketing messages every day, you should provide the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

To achieve this, you should divide your target audience and provide tailored messages to each segment. This will help you to get their attention in a short period of time.

What will be the priority in social media in 2019?

The number of social media users exceeded 3 billion people. As their target audiences continue to use social media, brands are motivated to use these platforms. However, in various researches they state the biggest problem in their project is getting commercial results (ROI) from social media.

Whatever you do in social media in 2019, you should always keep your commercial goals in mind.
To gain the attention of the people who see hundreds of messages every day and to ensure that they read your messages, you should focus on using relevant and motivating content.

You need to use appropriate strategies in different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. As the competition for the news feed in these platforms increases, you should give priority to creating high engagement.

How can you maximize email newsletter success in 2019?

281 billion emails are sent every day and people are overwhelmed by these messages. Getting the attention of these people will be the priority in 2019.

It is important that each of your email newsletters have high content value. This will motivate the people to open your newsletters.

In addition to focusing on the subject line, you should also pay attention to issues such as effective visuals, result-oriented content and a clear direction to your website.

By segmenting your target audience, you can deliver the most relevant messages to each segment.



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