One of the most useful tools Google Ads offers to improve the effectiveness of keyword targeting is the negative keyword tool.

With this tool, you can create negative keyword lists and add them to different campaigns. If you like, you can also add different negative keywords under each campaign or ad group.

If these negative keywords are included in the search query, Google Ads system will not show your ad.  In this way, you will not be wasting money on wrong keywords that will not yield results.

When creating a negative keywords list, you can consider the following keywords:

Keywords to Exclude People with No Intention to Buy

For example, words such as complaint, customer relations, repair, service, free, and their variations.

If you are selling products like white goods, television or technology products, this filtering will be very important.

Keywords to Exclude People That Do Not Match with Your Target Audience

For example, words like women, ladies, and their variations for keywords such as suit, shirt, jacket for a men’s clothing brand.

If you are selling both men’s and women’s shoes, you should add the other audience as a negative keyword to each ad group.

Keywords That Do Not Match Product Specifications

For example, if you are selling casual clothes, words like evening dresses, if you are selling formal trousers, words like jeans and their variations.

Irrelevant Keywords

For example, words like the game, video, images and their variations.

Even if you have prepared your negative keyword list and applied it to your ad campaigns, there might still be some keywords you have missed out.

Therefore, you should always check the keywords in the AdWords search terms section. As irrelevant keywords emerge, you should add them to your list.



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