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Although most of the times engagement metric is more important, the brands are eager to increase the number of their Instagram followers.

Here are some effective ideas for brands to increase their Instagram follower number.

Use Your Web Assets Effectively

The first thing you can do to increase your Instagram follower base is to provide a link to your Instagram page from your website. This way, you can enable your visitors to reach to your Instagram page.

You can also direct people to your Instagram page from your other web assets (such as blogs) and other social media pages.

Get Help from Email Newsletter

You can send an email newsletter and ask your subscribers to “like” your Instagram page. When you combine this invitation with an incentive (such as a special discount), it will provide a better result.

Consider Using Contests

Though it was more frequently used in the past, you can still organize contests on your page. You should be careful to motivate only your target audience. There will be people who will like your Instagram page to win a prize but have no intention to be your customer.

Create High Engagement

You can prioritize the content that will provide high interaction. High engagement will help you to access to a wider audience as it has the potential to reach out to the friends of those people. Instagram news feed algorithm also favors interactions.

To create this engagement, the visual and the tags are of vital importance. With tags, you can extend your reach beyond the number of your fans.

Use Facebook Ads (on Instagram)

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not have a fan acquisition ad model. Therefore, you can implement an indirect method. You can use the website targeting ad model and set the link of your website as the URL of your Instagram page.

Using a short, result-oriented text such as “Like our page to …” or “Follow … on our page” will yield the best result. You should also include your Instagram page name in the ad content.

Benefit from Your Brand’s Power

You can support your Instagram page with your brand’s power outside the internet environment.

For example, if your brand has stores, you can distribute social media cards to the people visiting your stores.

You can write your social media addresses on the product tags or boxes.

You can invite your target audience to join your Instagram page by stating your Instagram page name in press releases, ads, outdoor activities or events.

Some Other Ideas

Although it is not an elegant approach, some account managers prefer to follow other accounts, trying to benefit from a mindset like “I follow you, you follow me”. They follow other accounts, wait for some time, then unfollow the people who are not following them back. Then, they follow new people.

Some account managers may prefer to buy automatic likes for their accounts. In this scenario, a significant portion of these people will unfollow the page in a short period of time and the rest will not generate interaction or conversion. Therefore it is better to stick to other methods.



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