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Free SEO Audit & Analysis Tools in 2019

You need to perform an SEO audit at the beginning of your SEO project. You may use the free SEO websites and tools below for this purpose.

Google Search Console

It is important to see how your website is evaluated by Google. You can see this by signing up to Google Search Console.
In Search Console panel, you can see plenty of useful information such as Googlebot’s visits to your website, how your website is indexed, mobile compatibility and the performance of your website in organic searches (keywords, rank, clicks, etc.).

In addition to this information, you can also examine the links your website gets from other sites.

This will give you an idea of the SEO power of your website.

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This is a very useful website for SEO analysis, especially for monitoring your competitors.

In addition to the total visits number for any website, this site presents metrics like average visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rate, traffic by countries, traffic sources and referrals.

You may see top 5 organic and paid keywords, social media sites, a distribution of display advertising, and there is information about website content and audience interests.

You may also see and easily switch to competitor sites and similar sites with a single click.

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Site Checker

This website provides detailed and useful information regarding on-site SEO factors and links.

Site Checker performs analysis on content optimization, images and other on-site SEO factors. It reports the warnings and critical errors separately.

It also performs an analysis on external and internal links, user experience, site speed, and provides valuable information.

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Another useful website for SEO research and analysis is Woorank. It provides information on structured data, mobile, usability, technologies, crawl errors, backlinks, social and local factors.

It is very helpful to see on-site factors checked and presented as a report. The site also presents an SEO score out of 100.

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SEO Optimer

This website performs an analysis on the topics of on-site SEO, usability, performance, social, security, and presents a grade for each topic. It states the recommendations as a separate section.

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SEO Analyzer

This tool on Neil Patel’s website provides page level SEO score, page level speed score, page level SEO analysis and SEO recommendations.

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SEO Site Checkup

This website was providing a complete SEO Checkup analysis report for free. Currently, you can see the results of previously analyzed websites. For new websites, you may use free tools. They are the elements of the SEO report.

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You get a detailed Quality and Performance Report. The website presents the results as issues, improvements and successes.

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Website Grader

This website assigns an SEO score. In the performance section, it provides information regarding page size, page speed and page requests. There is also information on mobile, security and on-site SEO factors.

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Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Keyword Analysis Tools in 2019

MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ offers Keyword Explorer as a free tool.

Keyword Explorer provides monthly volume, difficulty, organic CTR and keyword suggestions.

It also provides a priority score reflecting higher volume and lower difficulty.

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This website provides search volume, trends, CPC level for any given keyword.

Another valuable information is the keyword difficulty score to discover opportunities. You can also see the websites in the top 10 results on Google search results page and their domain authority scores.

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This tool on Neil Patel’s website provides search volume, CPC level and estimated competition.

It provides long tail versions of your keyword and it is quite useful. You may export the results to a csv file.

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This is a good tool to provide long tail versions of your keyword and the questions including your keyword.

The free version does not show the search volume numbers.

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Siteliner focuses on content on your webpages.

It scans your website and reports average page size, average page load time, number of words per page, text to html ratio, duplicate content and common content. It also reports internal and external links per page.

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Kombinator & SEO-DanZambonini

These websites offer similar keyword permutation generators. You write your words and the system automatically generate permutations. Quick and easy way to generate long tail keywords.

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Keyword Revealer

This website provides search volume of given keyword and related keywords. It also provides suggestions in the Brainstorming section.

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This website provides the number of keywords that any website ranks on the first page of Google search results. You may also see the top organic competitor websites.

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Search Latte

Google may provide different search results for different coun-tries. Using this website, you can see the search results for any keyword in any country. You may select language as well as top level domain (such as This is a very useful tool, especially if you are managing a global campaign.

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This website provides local search results for any given country or a location in a country.

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Free SEO Tools


Free SEO Link Analysis Tools in 2019

MOZ Link Explorer

MOZ offers Link Explorer as a free tool. Keyword Explorer provides monthly volume, difficulty, organic CTR and keyword suggestions. It also provides a priority score reflecting higher volume and lower difficulty.

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You will find external backlinks, referring domains and backlink breakdown. You may perform the analysis for your website as well as competitor websites.

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This website lists the links that a website has and provides a link strength score. It provides the number of total backlinks.

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This is a useful website, providing backlink profile, top referring domains, anchor texts and top content. It also provides infor-mation regarding the audience and lists competitor websites.

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Ahrefs Backlink Checker

You will see the top 100 backlinks and the domain ratings of these websites. It provides the number of total backlinks as well as referring domains.

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